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Sometimes you get stuff for free at garage sales. There’s usually a box there with stuff that you, the seller, just can’t bring yourself to charge for. That’s OK – but be sure that you don’t throw a Van Gogh or Renior in there thinking that Aunt June painted it when she was “resting” in her “special place up North” – ya know what I mean? Be sure you know the value of things. Which brings me to another point – why are all the good artists really crazy?

I went to the beach this morning to meditate. We’ve got this awful Red Tide thing happening here lately. Its an algae that sticks to the top of the water and kills fish. The stench was killer, so I drove up to Port A for some Cotter Street Coffee. I love that place – always a smile on their faces and awesome Creme Brulee Lattes and home-baked goodies. Chatting with the owner, she told me she was looking for a way to increase business in the off-season. Naturally, I slipped into consultant mode and asked her if she had considered a coffee service to the locals. Brilliant, she proclaimed, just what she was looking for.

I can’t make coffee, but I can help her get it in people’s hands. I don’t mind giving her this idea from the freebee box because I have an interest in keeping her successful. It’s not selfish, it’s just good commerce. And Good Coffee.

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