Juice Fast – Day 6

This is less of a blog post and more of a whiny rant about headaches, body aches, sneezing, itchy skin and detoxification while I juice fast for the next 60 days. I know this will pass, but in the meantime, it sucks.

The first few days are the hardest, I know, and I also know my body is pretty toxic from weeks of extra medication over the holidays so it’s been a little rougher than in juice-fasts-past.

So, I whine and wait for this to pass. And you get to read about it. Lucky you. Thanks for being my friend, all the same.

Juice Fast: Day 2

Well, that sucked. Being off caffeine – meaning, my beloved coffee – just about killed me. I had the worst headache ever. I mean – ever. I couldn’t even write yesterday.

In terms of the juice part, I made 16 ounces of a fruit blend – apple, carrot, pear and ginger, which was DELICIOUS and I used for my morning cocktail. I would have had decent energy, except for the headache and a lot of the detox symptoms – body aches.

I also made 40 ounces (5 glasses) of pure green juice: kale, celery, apple, cucumber. It wasn’t bad, but it smelled like butt.

Didn’t feel hungry at all, which was good. I’m also taking psyllium caps for fiber, coupled with a natural laxative to keep things moving. It worked pretty well yesterday, without being too harsh or gross.

On to day 3!

Juice Fast: Day 1

I just finished watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. I’m a little late to the game – he released this in 2007 – but let me say, I was a little busy, you know with family members dying of cancer and whatnot. It slipped by.

What also slipped by was another 30 pounds of stress. That brings me closer to 300lbs that I ever thought possible. What’s crazy is this: I wasn’t heavy as a child, or a teenager, or when I married at 20. I was a comfortable size 9. When I became pregnant with Kelsea, I gained 87 pounds on 5 months of bedrest. Not ever having an issue with weight before, it didn’t “bother” me. I just figured it would drop off.

It didn’t. I lost about 30 pounds, but then gained another 60 with my second daughter, Cathryn.

But again, it didn’t bother me. I was in a happy marriage, with a guy that didn’t make an issue of it. We had other issues over the years, but this wasn’t one of them.

I worked from home, so I didn’t have the “social stigma” of worrying about it. I didn’t have peer pressure from co-workers. It wasn’t an issue of self-esteem. I like myself – I really do.

Two decades passed, and a little more weight was added each year. We didn’t eat badly, and the girls didn’t struggle with their weight. But, my mostly sedentary life was the issue for me. I simply didn’t move – at all.

Still, it just wasn’t an issue. Until, it was. I turned 40 and started to feel like crap. All the time. My body hurt. My knees hurt to the point that I avoided MOVING if possible.

12 weeks of strictly following a new eating plan resulted in my husband losing nearly 40 pounds and looking great. I lost 12 and I was totally frustrated.

Which brings me to what I’m doing. A juice fast. 14 days to start, but I’m hoping to go for 40. Fresh juice to detox my body and then a mostly Pescetarian diet after that. It’s got to be a life change. Which means, you know, for life.

Here we go.