‘Tis the Season

With all of the craziness of the holidaze… I learned of a lovely respite:

Tis Best Charity Gift Cards

TisBest Charity Gift Cards give others the opportunity to give – and that, we believe, “TisBest” of all! That’s how we got our name.

Gifts are a wonderful way to say “I care”. We saw people trying to say “I care” by buying more elaborate and more expensive gifts. Although a very expensive item purchased from a fancy store might make a great gift for some people, we had a different idea about wonderful gifts. TisBest Charity Gift Cards bring joy, love, compassion and caring back to gift giving.

So, if you’re considering philanthropy as part of your Season’s Greetings (and you should) this might be a good ideas. It was featured on NPR this morning, so of course I love it.