Boob Food. And Other Things I Shouldn’t Talk About. 

This week Leah and I are on the road meeting freelancers in Dallas and Houston as part of our role as evangelists for the Texas Freelancing Association. I’ve also scripted a podcast, written 6 blog posts, launched a couple of websites, met with our favorite client and edited our monthly magazine. 

In short, just another week in paradise. Sleep is sporadic. My poor BMW is riddled with Starbucks cups. Also, I just took the opportunity to humble-brag about my car. Catch that? I know you did. 

The most fun part of road trips is the fact that we go hard. We stop only when my car says 3 miles until drop dead empty or we hit a Bucees. Leah is secretly horrified. We also barely stop for food. Since she’s diabetic and I’m gluten free we shoot for better choices. Like tacos. Lots and lots of tacos. 

But I digress. 

Oatmeal is a big favorite. Starbucks is pretty reliable. I also have a new oatmeal source apparently. My boobs. Since we are traveling I use my go-bag from travel industry days. Reusable outfits. Lots of black. You get the gist. I just swapped clothes for the next leg and found a treasure trove of blueberries between the sisters. Handy for the coming end of days. 

The best part is the reaction from the squad. 

Please note two things. Leah is very encouraging. Jackie is practical. What you don’t see is her final line, which sums up the hot mess that is life and writing at the moment. 


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