Are you kidding me with this election?

timeoutIt’s like watching a horrific movie while you’re strapped to a chair. It’s like a drinking game gone off the rails. I am unable to even. 

I have never had high blood pressure before, but lately? I’m about to stroke out. People that I thought were sane have gone INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. I’m not even talking about what candidate they’re voting for – I’m talking about the sheer quantity of posts designed to maim and kill. No one is trying to change opinions by having conversations – they’re shaming anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Bridges are burning. We are branding each other forever as red or blue.

And I’m not talking about one or two people – I’m talking about the whole country! Families are turning on one another. It’s madness. The whole world needs a time out. And a cookie. And maybe a nap.

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