A Year In Review

012Averaging two blog posts per year isn’t bad, is it? Nah. I’m good. Considering I ripped down all the websites I own including this one, I would say that’s pretty good. I just got around to bringing this one back up – partly for nostalgia’s sake and partly because I’m a raging narcissist and need some outlet for my wordy word things.

When we last left our heroine…

  • I was with my Mom in California
  • I was working to expand my client base, after working with a single client for a couple of years (Note to self: Never. Again.)
  • I was cold, and out of good coffee a lot.

And Nine Months Later…

  • Back in Austin, working full-time with a fantastic company in a completely non-travel sector (Biotech, what?)
  • Dreaming of buying a new house and creating Pinterest boards with dreamy french decor
  • Driving my ultimate driving machine… like a boss.
  • Gluten-free and loving it.
  • The girls are settled – one at college and one graduated. Living between them is a dream. I get to see them pretty much whenever I want and we text all the time.
  • I am completely immersed in higher education. Working on my PMP Certification, CPLP Certification, Salesforce Certified Admin, Salesforce Certified Developer AND a Bachelors Degree in Business so I can start on my MBA. Leaning toward Pepperdine’s program for that.

I never thought I would be happy in a cube with a badge to get me in a building. Yet, here I am, loving it. My co-workers are sweet, my boss is a dream and my work is interesting. Couldn’t be happier.

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