Juice Fast: Day 2

Well, that sucked. Being off caffeine – meaning, my beloved coffee – just about killed me. I had the worst headache ever. I mean – ever. I couldn’t even write yesterday.

In terms of the juice part, I made 16 ounces of a fruit blend – apple, carrot, pear and ginger, which was DELICIOUS and I used for my morning cocktail. I would have had decent energy, except for the headache and a lot of the detox symptoms – body aches.

I also made 40 ounces (5 glasses) of pure green juice: kale, celery, apple, cucumber. It wasn’t bad, but it smelled like butt.

Didn’t feel hungry at all, which was good. I’m also taking psyllium caps for fiber, coupled with a natural laxative to keep things moving. It worked pretty well yesterday, without being too harsh or gross.

On to day 3!

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