The giant sucking sound you hear is…


I woke up this morning to discover that summer is over and I haven’t accomplished a damn thing I set out to at the beginning of the season. Sure, there’s lots of excuses – but only one reason. A combination of laziness, distraction and apathy. There’s a confession for you, huh?

Entrepreneurs, be warned. Take heed of my Tale.

For some weeks we’ve been trying to make a big move from Padre Island to Port Aransas. It’s where we really live since our church, theater, work, bands and a good deal of our friends are. Despite it being just 17 miles from our house, it seems like a continent away – especially when we drive home late at night after a long day 5+ days a week.

Things haven’t been coming together quite as planned.

We haven’t been able to find a rental – they’re either $2200 per month or $600 a month for a one-bedroom beach shack. Not that I wouldn’t mind a beach shack someday, but I’ve got two teenage daughters and they’ve got STUFF right now to deal with. I’m reluctant to sell my house on Padre Island in this economy, preferring to hang on to it until we’re right side up again. So, we need a basic 3 bedroom/2 bath condo/house that won’t break the bank or make my Grandma turn over in her grave. I think her adjective would be “hovel” for a couple of places and I would be in big-dog-trouble for even thinking of letting my kids live there. I’m not a snob – hey, I grew up in a trailer, but I think the roaches were expecting to be co-signers on a couple of the leases.

There’s also the question of where they’ll finish school. We finally, after much soul searching and agony, agreed that our younger daughter would leave her private academy and start her Freshman year at Port Aransas High School. This is a big ‘ol whoppin’ deal for Mama. She didn’t want her baby girl to write a book someday filled with angst and regret that she didn’t get the same (read: privileged) education as her sister. Seriously, that stuff keeps me up at night.

Coming down to the wire and with the deadlines next week of sports physicals, 2-a-days, paperwork and the general end of summer, and without any resolution in sight, this week I pulled the trigger, and she’s going back to her private school. This simplifies things tremendously. Our eldest daughter is a Senior, they can experience all the great things together like the formals, retreats and activities, for only this year. I would always feel it was a missed opportunity if they didn’t, and so for that, I’m happy.

It does, however, continue to present the “WTH” questions… We’ve got half our things packed, half in weird configurations. Do we take the hit and sell our house? Lease it? We’re back to the drawing board, after having drawn some specific plans for our life – and moved all summer toward them. It’s left us drained, frustrated and tired.

Which brings me back to the sucking sound. I had a lot of plans for my business this summer, and I learned a very valuable lesson. Don’t wait for the right time – the perfect time – to execute. You’ll just lose time. I waited all summer to get moved before re-launching because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed trying to move and service new customers. In the end, I was just overwhelmed with the minutia of trying to deal with a failed plan.

Next time, I’ll execute and keep working at it to refine and work out kinks. It’s a great product and a great time to offer it. Now I just need to dig my office back out of boxes, get that whiteboard back on the wall and get this summer started.