What Fresh Hell Is This?

I think Dorothy Parker said it best, don’t you?

I’ve lost my wallet. It wouldn’t be an issue, except today I’m renting a car. So, HUB rented the car and now I’m supposed to be looking for my wallet – except I think my wallet is 17 miles in the opposite direction in Port Aransas. So, now I’ve sent an IM to a friend in Port Aransas to check the Youth Room so I don’t drive 17 miles in the wrong direction.

Plan A: I find my wallet and leave late for Dallas. 16YO will be completely frosted like a cupcake and won’t speak to me the entire way up to Dallas. We’ll call that a little bonus.

Plan B: I don’t find my wallet and then 16YO has to ride up with another family which is going to the same All-State Tournament. We lose the hotel funds. Hub Kills me.

Hmm… Not liking the end of Plan B. Better get to work on A.

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