New Project Launch: website wordpress travel design – dedicated to the design, customization and hosting of travel related websites for travel agencies, bloggers, writers, magazines and suppliers.

Customized theme, with more than 22 plugins to manage the sales pipeline from start to finish.

Features include:

More than 65 hours of coding and design, also integrating a twitter account.

A Month of email in Just TWO Days

How is it possible that a month’s worth of email could pile up in just two days? I left for Dallas on Thursday to watch my eldest daughter play in the State All Star Volleyball Game (Notice the all-caps. It was very, very prestigious. Her mom said so) and I kept up with my email via my Palm Smartphone, answering those that needed answers and weeding out the NRN’s (No Response Needed), like the good little fan of GTD that I am.

While my kid played her little heart out leading her team to victory as starting setter, sweeping the opposition and, I must mention, earning the title of ALL-STATE ALL-STAR MVP (and Texas is a Big ‘Ol State, right?) my little inbox grew fat. More than 100 emails that demanded my attention this fine Monday – the start of Spring Break, I add bitterly. No beach for me. No shrimporee, beer bong, wet t-shirt contest festivities. Nope. I need to sit and cull more email and answer questions like a pasty cube dweller, rather than the awesome work-at-home netrepreneur that I really am.

Then again, I’m really not one of the cool kids, so I’ll just get back to email and twitter now, throw on an episode of Battlestar Galactica on Hulu and grab a whip-whip-frap-frap.

What Fresh Hell Is This?

I think Dorothy Parker said it best, don’t you?

I’ve lost my wallet. It wouldn’t be an issue, except today I’m renting a car. So, HUB rented the car and now I’m supposed to be looking for my wallet – except I think my wallet is 17 miles in the opposite direction in Port Aransas. So, now I’ve sent an IM to a friend in Port Aransas to check the Youth Room so I don’t drive 17 miles in the wrong direction.

Plan A: I find my wallet and leave late for Dallas. 16YO will be completely frosted like a cupcake and won’t speak to me the entire way up to Dallas. We’ll call that a little bonus.

Plan B: I don’t find my wallet and then 16YO has to ride up with another family which is going to the same All-State Tournament. We lose the hotel funds. Hub Kills me.

Hmm… Not liking the end of Plan B. Better get to work on A.