Still likeXjet, just don’t “like-like” them anymore

Update from yesterday.

Scheduled departure 2:05pm

Time I left the airport to go home after weather-related delays: 3:45pm

Time I’m supposed to leave today: 2:05pm

So, it was a hassle. It cost me $9.95 for a one-day wireless pass. I sat in an airport sports bar for 9 hours. I listened to more National Public Radio on my Palm via Internet Radio than I think is legally allowed for what I donate each year. It started to sound like a parody, but between that and Italian Opera, it was a no-brainer.

At least they changed my ticket with no charge, found my bag quickly and returned it to me, same nice attitude. I still like them, but – and it could have been a great love affair – I don’t like-them-like-them anymore.

Things to Do While Stranded at the Airport

Scheduled flight time 6:30am.

Current Time: 10:41am

New Scheduled Flight Time: 2:05pm

Not worth the drive back to the island, so airport sports bar it is. First, let me say how impressed I am with xjet

10 Minutes into the delay they called my name and handed me what I thought was a new boarding pass. It was not. It was a real live, actual, meal voucher. I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so I took a picture of it.


But wait – there’s more. 2 hours later, after my free Frappuccino, muffin and vitamin water, they tell us that they’re flying in a dude from Houston to fix the plane. Now, normally I don’t get weirded out, but this time, I did. So I asked if I could rebook the 2pm flight. That plane originated in Austin, so I figured it would be all warmed up and ready to go.

And they did. Nicely. With smiles, and no “hate-this-job” attitude. It was SO early in the morning that I thought maybe I was still dreaming, but no… this was, in fact, and airport, and these were, in fact employees. I saw their badges. I saw the planes.

Then, and this is where is gets weird – they gave me ANOTHER voucher for lunch and said they were SORRY. Stop laughing. I’m serious. Printed a new boarding pass and everything. Gate Agent Dawn noticed that I had been flagged for extra security and pre-checked me in and removed the flag since, you know, I had sat there for 3 hours without trying anything with them, and thanked them for the chilly Caramel Frappuccino a couple of times I think.

I then went down to the counter to get my new bag claim check and guess what – they were even NICER there. It’s like Seinfeld’s Bizarro Episode where everything is opposite.

So, after trolling for a power outlet I am now happily enjoying some Migas and a never-ending pot of coffee. Laptop humming along, blogging delightfully. My last meal in South Texas for the summer. Summers in Lake Arrowhead are wonderful, but I sure will miss great Tex-Mex. Even airport tex-mex is great – but then again, maybe I’ve just been Hypnotized by the amazing (freaky?) customer service of XJet

Work Coma

I am finishing two large-scale design projects, simultaneously. Its all I can think about. I think, drink, sleep and breathe these two projects. Rather than the cliche’, “about to give birth” analogy; the endless diatribe about labor pains (ready to launch the sites), false labor pains (Dagnabbit – found a bug, can’t launch), baby (client) kicks, et al, ad nauseum, yadda yadda yadda… I’m going for the Work Coma description of life at the moment. I sense life and summer around me, but can’t participate. Hooked to my matrix, I feel the hub plant a kiss on the back of my head, but don’t look up. Boy, he smells good. I’m vaguely aware of my baristas in training (excellently raised daughters, if I do say so myself) bringing me freshly ground and french-pressed sustenance in a mug so I’ll be caffeinated enough to press on. Friends and kids come and go and I hear the hushed tones as they observe the patient, but don’t speak directly, of course, since she’s in a coma, for pity’s sake. Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.

Fall’s my favorite season anyway. What’s so tragic about missing a summer? I’ll wake up in time to drag out those awesome boots I bought last year.