Celebrating the Little Things

They say, “don’t sweat the small stuff” – and I agree. Small Stuff bogs you down. Small stuff keeps you from doing big things. Except they also say, “the devil is in the details”

OK, first of all, who is “they”? and why am I listening to them?

I’ve decided to sweat whatever I want to sweat, and watch volleyball. So there.

Great day. A client that I really, really like signed as my third marketing client. I was really hoping she would because I think she’s smart, determined and her suite of sites have a lot of potential. She’s one of those people that gets it, and knows where she wants to go, and guess what? I’m holding the OnSTAR button.

So I’ve got three, and I think four and five tomorrow to round it out. And then the fun begins. Actually, its been fun so far choosing the clients that I really think are a good fit in terms of time, energy and potential. I’m batting .1000 and it’s pretty awesome after the insanity of the summer. I [heart] work again.

Favorite YouTube Video d’Moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nuj7DTrDOkk
Stuff I need to Watch on DVR: Texas Tech vs. K-State Volleyball, New Gilmore Girls
9pm snack to keep me on task: Creme Brule’ Latte & 3 Excedrin.

Good Times.

// C

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