5 Completely Uninteresting Things About My Writing

1. I am absolutely certain no one reads this blog. That gives me an awesome amount of freedom to write whatever I want.

2. I dig posting songs that reflect my mood for the day. I pretty much have to scratch 25 years of music since the divorce since every song reminds me of the ex-husband, which limits me to Oingo Boingo, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Bob Schneider, who is a new discovery and has no visceral memory attached. I kinda miss the 90’s music, but it’s a small sacrifice to keep from the memories to flood in.

3. I think it’s interesting to read what real writers think is important about writing, but in the end, I write whatever the hell I want.

4. I think Anne Lamott should run for President, or something even higher than that. She’s absolutely the most amazing articulate writer on the planet and if I moved to SFO I would stalk her until we were BFF’s.

5. I have something somewhere inside me that’s ready to come out in a huge way, but like Anne says, I’m not stuck, I’m a little empty.

Maybe the sunshine will finally fix some of that. My latest work, “The Haven” is a disjointed mess of characters, plots and storylines. It is, what Anne calls, “A shitty first draft”…. and that’s an understatement.

So bird by bird… I keep at it.